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My Experience as a Vinyl Siding Salesman

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They thought my construction experience was “Bad luggage”

A vinyl siding sales company in NJ can sell their service for an arm and a leg. I used to be a sales rep for one. They had a million dollar sales training program and they showed me how to break down a piece of siding a hundred ways.

Let me share my experience I had what they called, “Bad luggage.” It meant, I had experience installing siding and I sold it in the past.

It became difficult for me to look at the home owners in the eye and sell their vinyl siding styles at the RIDICULOUS PRICE.

The longer I stayed the easier the sales but I didn’t feel good.   It was for the best that I didn’t know anything. They wanted to teach me everything themselves. Put it this way, their top reps could convince you black is white and white is green.

Remember this when you greet them at your door

One day I had a sales appointment. It was a small one family house. It had several types of house siding installed. Old stone vinyl siding on the front, vertical vinyl siding on the dormer and install metal siding on the rest of the house. You know, one of those pretty combinations. Plus, it was in a distressed area.

They were a nice couple but I didn’t believe they needed our product. They took me to their basement, it was a small studio and had Owens Corning verticle vinyl siding installed. I glanced at their windows and knew they weren’t Custom Milgard Windows or Simonton replacement windows. They served me dinner.

As I ate, I noticed, I stared at the husband’s dirty factory boots and old t-shirt he wore. This particular sale was not to install vinyl cedar shake siding but a window sale. They needed 5 vinyl replacement windows for the basement. I started to feel awkward because I knew the price for the double hung windows and they weren’t wholesale price. Plus as a corporate siding salesman, there was one goal.

The windows had to be sold the same night or no deal. Each window now would be about $800. Five basement exterior windows for a studio room in the basement would cost $4000. I contacted my vinyl siding sales company

I spoke to my sales manager and he said, ” Sell it, Sell it, they have to buy now!”

I thought, perhaps this company is not for me, their vinyl siding material pricing was too high. Maybe, I did have bad luggage. Home owners should watch a DIY vinyl siding video or read a how to install vinyl siding ebook to save money.

Returning to the office the next day, I never forgot what my manager told me. “This is not a window or siding company, we are a sales and marketing company.” I left the company shortly. I didn’t really think about it till years later and now understand what he meant. The same company owners are still selling their energy efficient windows for over $1100 each.

I’m sure they installed plenty of energy star windows in distressed areas. The reality is, they’re a legitimate vinyl siding sales company, and they deliver a service and product you need. I will say the majority of the times the customers are satisfied. They’re fully insured and have a warranty. However, I wouldn’t let one of their sales reps talk to my mom with a ten foot pole.

Here is the million dollar question

Who do you trust to install house siding on your home? A local NJ siding installer or an international sales and marketing corporation?

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