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Vinyl Siding Price – NJ New House Construction

Contractor Cost for Certainteed Clapboard Installation

Livingston, Essex County, New Jersey 07039

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Quote and Details for Siding Project

Several factors homeowner needed addressed before installation

  • Should exterior installation be installed or just tyvek paper
  • How should the windows be designed
  • Could we install vinyl siding on a freezing day

We started this project in January 2014 and it was freezing.  If any part of our skin was exposed and not covered, it felt like a bee stung us.   As you see, vinyl siding can be installed in the cold winter days.  However, it will take a little longer because we have to be extra careful with the material.

Job Description - 3500 Square Feet Vinyl Siding Installation

  • Install vinyl soffit, aluminum fascia and capping for all windows and doors
  • Install Certainteed vinyl clapboard siding 
  • Clean worksite and remove all debris
  • Only install tyvek paper
  • Custom PVC trim work on front porch

This was basic siding package.  The only extra work was a custom window casement for only the front windows.

  • 3500  Square feet of clapboard vinyl siding and all accessories                                 $15,500.00
  • Custom PVC trim work on front porch portico                                                              $1,100.00

Total Price :      $16,600.00

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