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Vinyl Siding Price for Bi Level House in NJ

Contractors Cost for Certainteed's Monogram 46 Vinyl Clapboard Installation

Garfield, Bergen County, New Jersey

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The homeowner had several contractors look at the project and at the end signed with us.  There were several factors which needed to be addressed before we began the installation.   

  • Cultured stones was being applied, so we couldn't start until its completion
  • The homeowner wanted to be present at the beginning of the job, so we had to schedule the time with his work
  • Homeowner considered building a new addition, so we had to delay the project
  • Special delivery because homeowner wanted a siding color which was not available in New Jersey

The first day we started the project the homeowner decided to build the addition so, we worked half the day and packed it up.   Things happen sometimes, we understand.  The architect plans and new permits were necessary.  

Several weeks later the owner decided to scrap the new addition plans and asked us to begin the siding installation.   Usually, a job starts smoothly but this is the nature of our business.

Job Description - 1800 Square Feet Siding Installation

  • Remove existing aluminum siding and cardboard insulation
  • Remove gutters and leaders and install new
  • Install vinyl soffit, aluminum fascia and capping for all windows and doors
  • 3/8  fanfold insulation
  • Monogram 46 Vinyl Siding   ( This PREMIUM VINYL SIDING cost  $140 per 100 sq. ft. )
  • New shutters on front of the house
  • Clean worksite and remove all debris

This was basic siding package, no extra vinyl accessories or custom work.  The homeowner was on a budget but we got him a great deal.   Plus, the house looks great without any extra work needed.  All houses do not look this good without some special custom installation but it worked out here.  

The price could be reduced  $1100.00 if we use Mainstreet Vinyl Siding.  ( Installed properly, this siding is just as good, plus a great savings )

  • 1800 Square foot of vinyl siding, insulation and all accessories                        $10,200.00
  • Tear off old siding, insulation and cleanup                                                               $450.00                                        
  • 160 Linear feet of gutters and leaders                                                                     $620.00

Total Price :      $11,270.00

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