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Siding Package Price for NJ Colonial House

Actual Examples & Prices of Vinyl  

Siding Installation on a House

Colonial house with stones on the first floor and siding on the second, these estimates are based on experience.   For example, you can't measure the house and price it per square foot because, it has many angles and takes time to install.

So, you have to consider how long it will take a number of skilled mechanics to complete the project.  A detailed house like this must have skilled craftsmen.

Aluminum scaffolds have to be set to reach the second floor.  The front only needs about 450 sq. ft of vinyl siding, not much.  However, working on the roof, the front porch, tight corners and the gables take time.   And, a scaffolding system has to be set for a small area of work.

So, what is the cost?  Let's say the house needs 1800 square feet of vinyl siding.

Below is our pricing table.  Choose the bronze or the gold package 


Standard Contractor's Special

Horizontal Vinyl Siding (Clapboard)

1800 square foot

Certainteed Vinyl Siding Material

  • Vinyl siding
  • 3/8 Fanfold insulation
  • Trim accessories
  • Aluminum fascia & window casing
  • Vinyl soffit



Deluxe Vinyl Siding Package

Vinyl Carpentry & Trim Accessories

1800 square foot

Deluxe Vinyl Siding Material

  • Dow board insulation
  • Vinyl Carpentry & Restoration Millwork
  • Aluminum fascia & window casing
  • Decorative window and door headers
  •  Wainscoting vinyl soffit
  • New window shutters
  • Decorative light & electrical boxes


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