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Save on Labor Cost for Vinyl Siding Installation in NJ

How to save on the avg cost or pricing for vinyl siding in NJ varies from each exterior veneers remodeling contractor. They have their own estimation or estimating calculator for their vinyl siding price. Therefore, you can’t always get an accurate number.   However, they are usually in the same ballpark. How contractors consider their labor estimates

  • The size and type of house
  • Custom vinyl trim accessories
  • Extra custom work request by home owner
  • If exterior of house needs extra repairs before siding installation
  • The types of siding material for example,  Crane vinyl siding or Prodigy foam backed vinyl siding

clifton and wayne nj affordable vinyl siding contractorsThe size and type of home are important.  Sometimes a smaller house can cost more than a larger house.  It all depends on the complexity of the job.  For example, sider love box shaped houses because they’re the easiest to install.

It’s our dream job.  Our little saying for these houses is, “Money.”  It’s a money wall because the equipment setup is easy and we just stand and install vinyl cedar shake siding without having to bend over or get into uncomfortable positions. After years of work a siding guys body gets worn down and he deeply appreciates a money wall.

How to save on vinyl siding installation.   The money walls are important because it gives you leverage for an affordable siding job.  Majority of all the jobs are priced according to the square feet of a house.   There may be extras if the house has many angles, dormers, detailed porches and many other variables.

However, a money wall has no variables, just install and start hammering.  If you do your homework and read a couple of articles on our website, you will be able to negotiate a good siding deal.


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Vinyl Siding Pricing and Prices Per Square Foot in NJ

Here is the break down

  1. Tell contractor your house is a simple box
  2. If your house is not a box mention the, “Money walls” on your house
  3. Tell him there are no complex angles, dormers or architecturally detailed porches
  4. Large contracting companies can’t save you on the, ” Money walls” because they charge by square footage no matter how easy a job is.
  5. Make sure you know what you’re talking about because a contractor can easily flip the switch

Remember, if your house is not a simple box with four sides than you may not be able to negotiate this deal, unfortunately not all house are. Many houses siding types are not boxes, however you can use this information to get an idea and lower your cost for vinyl siding.

Years ago we use to install siding on many homes in Staten Island, NY.    Many of those houses were boxes.  Ahhh, those were the days. We were in and out, the homeowners were in awe how quick we were and still delivered a quality job.

We accomplished this by taking the extra time to setup most of the house with a scaffolding system at the very beginning.   Once it was set up, we easily pumped up the walls and finished the house.

How Much Does It Cost To Side  A House In NJ

Remember, no complex angles and dormers and you could squeeze in more savings. National companies and large corporate contractors can’t give you the savings because they have a massive overhead.   Everything is measured and priced on footage.   You could try but it is difficult because they all pay their subcontractors by square footage.  There’s not much room for negotiating for elegant vinyl cedar shakes.

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Always do your research, after all it’s your home and investment.   A siding contractor can easily point out many obstacles and every house has its unique look.    My experience is a small reputable siding contractor can offer a good deal on the cost for siding.

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