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More Vinyl Siding Benefits & Options in NJ

Vinyl cedar shake siding shingles & foam backed insulated panels are popular exterior veneers with NJ contractors and homeowners                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Huh...did I lose you?  It's ok, it's a little consuming figuring out which veneer is best for your house.   Here's a guide on the different types of vinyl siding and the benefits.

Cedar Shake Siding

The benefits of vinyl siding

  • Maintenance free, never paint again
  • Luxurious product with endless architectural accessories and trimming
  • One of the most affordable exterior veneer installations in New Jersey
  • An investment which will pay you real dividends

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Which Vinyl Siding style looks best on your house?

Cedar Shakes

discount blue vinyl cedar shake siding panels shingles bergen county nj contractors

  Favorable style with homeowners

Horizontal Siding

#1 selling exterior veneer in New Jersey

Insulated Siding  

foam backed vinyl siding insulated panels contractors nj bergen county

Makes you siding wall sturdy

Half Rounds

Adds a distinctive touch to any house

Seamless Siding

Too expensive and not practical 

 New vinyl siding accessories are always being produced to keep up with the demand.  

It advanced throughout the years, while keeping the price affordable. 

Window Trim Surrounds

Vinyl Trim Moulding

Beautiful Gable  Vents 

 Window Trim Video

Check out our report on vinyl siding accessories and their prices

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What is the #1 concern NJ homeowners have about installing vinyl siding?

Should my existing facade be removed before installing new vinyl siding?

It's not always necessary

For this house the homeowner wasn't sure if the old facade should be removed because she had a tight budget.

After a vast research on siding installation, it still was not clear, so she gave us a call.

In a practical world the old siding would be removed but it can be very expensive and time consuming.  

We listened to her concerns and together we found the right resolution and backed it with our strong warranty.  Plus, we kept it within her budget.

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