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Log Look Vinyl Siding / Cabin Style

Log look in NJ & log cabin colors is half the price of real wood log home siding.  New Jersey home owners do not have to worry about the complex installation and time consuming maintenance.

This natural and rustic look is perfect for the outdoor type. Besides the great savings, vinyl log cabin siding is maintenance free and easy to install.

Economical vinyl siding material prices makes it affordable and a fantastic exterior veneer.

Traditional real log wooden homes are indeed a work of art. However, they’re extremely time consuming and the installation is complex. Unlike vinyle, real wood needs several men to lift a single log and the use of electrical machinery to cut every piece and angle. This greatly increases the price.

Consider this, you’ll need plenty of research and luck finding home renovators who specialize in log cabins. If you do find one, remember, it’s only advertisement. How do you know they are really as good as they say. Make sure you look at the 7 siding pitfalls to avoid when hiring a contractor, especially if you’re installing log siding.

Save money, build a new deck for those great family cookouts or go on a vacation. However, if it is your heart’s desire, than go for it.

Also, real log cabins take quite some maintenance. There’s staining, sealing and to protect the wood you must put insect protection. Vinal has the real log look without the headaches, it’s the most attractive choice.

Log Look Vinyl Siding in NJ

Today’s vinyl log siding is realistic looking and makes it possible to achieve that rustic natural look better than ever. Not only does it insulate your home but it also protects it from the harsh weather.

Vinyl half log siding is also a foam backed insulated siding. It is sturdy and rigid to keep your home warm. Steel log siding can also be insulated.

Your energy bill will decrease and make your home more energy efficient, especially for the winter months. There are also many wood type like cedar cypress and redwood. Their rich and natural texture are molded by real cedar logs.

Vinyl Log Siding

We can give you the look you want.  From vinyl cedar shake siding to the log look, we can make it happen.  Log cabin homes brings up those memories of the forgotten past, it’s a favorite among the nature lovers. Somehow, they conjure up those old feelings of The Little house on the Prairie.

Gosh, I miss that show.


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