How To Apply Vinyl Siding in NJ

Learn how to apply vinyl siding and proper installation tips for NJ contractors and homeowners.  Correct application of horizontal, cedar shakes or foam backed siding is essential, especially in New Jersey, where the weather is severe.

Here are some tips and instructions but be careful when you are working on a ladder and a house.

There are several vinyl siding application process

  1. Bring all of the necessary vinyl siding tools and equipment
  2. Properly set up the equipment around the house
  3. Make sure the work area is clear to minimize accidents
  4. Walk around the house and consider what needs to be done

The preparations are simple but sometimes overlooked.  Many companies just pull the truck over and start banging away, which is ok.  After all you must be productive and efficient.   However, a  little preparation goes a long way.

How to Apply Vinyl Siding

Begin at the lowest part of the house

This is general information, each house has its own unique design and the installation process for one type of house may not be good for another.

Nail in your insulation board and if possible place it in level and place a starter strip.   The starter strip stick is the foundation for foam backed vinyl siding.  It must be installed properly and level because it is the starting point for siding installation.

Place the first panel and double check to make sure it is level.  Once nailed properly, continue installing the rest of the panels.  Have all your tools at hand because you’ll need an assortment to keep moving.

However, if the existing old facade is being removed than start from the top.  Just be careful with the fixtures and window at the bottom.  I would also remove the window screens because they can easily rip.

Aluminum siding brake

The brake bends aluminum so you can case or enclose the windows, doors, fascia and any other structure when needed.

From hands length start casing all the windows and doors.  Some need to be cased  before the first siding panel goes up.   You really have to know what you’re doing to install aluminum casing on a window, it just can’t be slapped on.

Therefore, install the aluminum casing properly and apply sealant.   There are many styles of siding and custom made aluminum casing.  Pick the style you like the best and use it for all the windows and doors.   Keep all the size the same so all the windows and doors look uniform.

How to Install Vinyl Siding

Aluminum siding poles and scaffolding

Aluminum siding poles must be properly installed.  This is very important because it will be holding the scaffolds and you’ll be on it.   Just take the time to install it in the proper manner.

This is for a small one family house, if you’re installing poles on 3 story houses and need extension than be careful or just let a professional do it.

Pump up the scaffolding system and install.   There is much information to write on how to install cedar shake vinyl siding and I’m only going over general information.

Other considerations

The nails are important, get the proper size.  Does the house need 2″ nails or 3″ nails?  Is there any structural damage which needs repairs before the siding is installed?   Does the house have old windows and the homeowner plans to install new replacement windows in 1 year?  If new windows are installed in a year than all the windows have to be recapped with aluminum.

However, if the aluminum window casing is installed a certain way than you could add the new windows later without the extra cost of new aluminum casing.

DIY Vinyl Siding

Do your siding research

If you want to know how to apply vinyl siding you must study vinyl siding world, don’t just jump into it without a good study.

There are many ways to install siding and set up the equipment, do what is best and safest for you.  However, I suggest you let professionals handle it, especially if its a tall house.





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