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Prodigy foam backed vinyl siding boards and Crane insulated siding panels in NJ are some of the best rated vinyl siding by many homeowners. However, it’s our experience, it doesn’t properly insulate your home for the good money you’re paying. 

“Here is a little secret about insulated siding panels they don’t want you to know”                                               

Crane Foam Backed Vinyl Siding in NJ

It’s not a good insulator

There are 2 types of insulated siding. One has the insulation glued to the back of the siding board and the other has the insulation slipped behind when siding is installed. It accomplishes the goal of keeping the siding firm and strong but it doesn’t insulate the house better than dow board insulation.

ripping or tearing off old siding from house by nj contractors

Save money, it is not always necessary to tear off the old facade to install insulated siding

Why foam backed vinyl siding can’t insulate your home

  • House siding types are different and they can’t fit in every angle
  • Cutting vinyl siding tears off the insulation
  • To install you must tear off the insulation with your hands to fit on wall
  • The perimeter around windows, the doors and house are exposed for air drafts.


vinyl siding insulation

Basic siding insulation boards cover all areas of your house

A house has many angles which Prodigy vinyl siding or Craneboard insulated siding can’t be completely placed in.

We were introduced by this product by a large siding sales company we worked with. The company was excited with the new vinyl siding material prices.

Installing siding years ago, I didn’t think much about it. We figured a multimillion dollar reputable company knew what they are talking about.


Our Experience installing insulated siding panels

To install this siding it must be cut with a circular saw because each piece is thick.  The conventional way of cutting it with aluminum siding shears will not work, unless you tear off some of the insulation in the back with your hands.

Insulated Sidingfoam back vinyl siding

Prodigy SidingProdigy insulated vinyl siding

Prodigy Insulated Siding Panels – NJ Contractors

The shape of the house doesn’t make it possible insulate the entire house. I remember applying vinyl siding on some one’s home and thinking it wasn’t insulating well.

front door way entry installation contractors in essex county nj

A beautiful front door entry is a must

If your house is a box than it could insulate it better because we just place the siding in straight rows and don’t have to cut a lot. However, if your house is an old Victorian with many angles than there will be many areas the insulation will not stay.  Even if you have a boxed house it still won’t insulate properly.

The insulation can’t properly fit behind windows and doors.

Sometimes the windows and doors have irregular carpentry around its perimeter and makes it extremely difficult for this vinyl siding style to fit properly. You have to tear off the glued insulation from the ends of the panels so siding can flex and be placed properly.

Around the windows and doors there can be open gaps of 2 inches where there is no insulation and it makes it easy for cold air to penetrate. Imagine all the windows and doors in your house having 2 inch gaps. That’s a lot of drafts.

crane vinyl siding

The foam insulation doesn’t always press tight against the window

vinyl siding installation

The factory end of each panel has 1 inch of insulation removed

Even if you don’t have irregular carpentry around them, each end of Crane or Prodigy foam backed vinyl siding has 1 inch of insulation cut back. The reason for this is to interlock 2 pieces of siding together. However, you don’t need to interlock by the windows.

See how it does not properly insulate your house. Also, there are other areas, like the porch, electrical fixtures and corners of the house. This makes one question is Crane siding good.

Siding around wiring

Siding looks installed properly on the wall

Torn off siding insulation

A large piece of insulation has to be removed to fit properly

Trying to make siding fit

A smaller piece of insulation is removed

Livingston Foam Backed Vinyl Siding Contractors in Essex County NJ

Prodigy Insulated Siding You want the solid wall look and believe it will insulate your home properly and are willing to pay top dollars. Many homeowners in the Garden State believe it is the best consumer report vinyl siding but is it really?

Does the Prodigy insulated siding reviews hold strong? Prodigy insulated vinyl siding by Alside is not the most affordable vinyl siding. It is a good product but has a major flaw.

However, we realized there is a way to get Prodigy next generation insulated siding and how to get your house properly insulated. Below is the installation manual and simple installation instructions.

Solution for foam backed siding
Apply one layer of fan fold insulation board and foam backed secondary. The insulation boards will cover any areas Prodigy foam backed vinyl siding can’t reach to keep house properly insulated.

The entire house has standard insulation panels installed first

The cost of vinyl siding insulation is around $400 more and worth it if your heart is set on foam backed vinyl siding.

We installed it in a gutted house and it was warm in the middle of winter. However, you must make sure siding is properly installed and house is well sealed.

Only a good siding contractor who cares about his work can deliver this project. Anything less and you’ll be throwing your money away.



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