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DIY Vinyl Siding Tips for NJ Homeowners

Are You a DIY Vinyl Siding Person?

Do you want to learn how to install vinyl siding.   I met people who want to learn how to apply vinyl siding on their own home.  However, this is rare.  Some want to be the general contractor and sub contract the work and others want to install it themselves.

We suggest you let professionals handle it because it can be dangerous.

There are many reason for DIY vinyl siding.   They can be financial or personal.   The majority try to sub the work out.  There was one lady who told me she was going to vinyl cedar shake siding on her house with the help of her brother.  She may have been the only person.

DIY Vinyl Siding

  • Save money of course
  • Wanting to stay in shape and doing something physical
  • Being part of the building of their own home
  • Wanting to learn some hands on work
  • Because its there

1. Money, money, money, yes you could save if you apply yourself.  The extra savings could be spent on a new roof or windows.   However, will you really save money if it takes you away from your job or business?

Also, if you’re considering taking on a foam backed siding project during your vacation time, is it really worth it?

2. Staying in shape or just doing something physical is a good reason for DIY vinyl siding but make sure safety is your number 1 concern.   If you end up in the hospital, you’ll be wishing you stayed in shape in the gym.

3. Building your own home is a goal many Jersey folks.  There are simpler projects you can take.  The installation process any types of house siding could be very dangerous if you don’t have the experience.

4. You want to learn hands on work is an excellent mentality, especially if you work in an office.  The opportunity to create and build brings a satisfaction which must be experienced to understand.   However, I stress, siding may not be the one.   Especially, if you’re only going to install it once.

5. Installing siding builds character, especially when you’re working in the freezing Jersey winter or in the blazing heat.   To work in such harsh conditions gives and surviving it will give you an understanding of the human suffrage.  There were times I was working in the grueling winter days and a tear would come down my eye as I said to myself, what the heck am I doing here.

6. Because it’s there.

How to Install Vinyl Siding

If you’re going to DIY vinyl siding, remember this, safety is the most important aspect.  Take a good look at the house and think to yourself, is it really worth installing this vinyl siding style?  Will I be able to complete the project on time once I begin?  Am I going to loose money, save money or just break even?

These are questions you need to ask because accidents happen during siding installation.    Even if the house is only 1 story and not high off the ground it can still be dangerous.  If you own an old Victorian house than I wouldn’t even consider it.

My conclusion

Leave siding installations to the pros, especially if the building is high.  If money is your main factor consider this.   You’re losing money and time on a project you may do only once in your life.

It’s up to you, if we can help just let us know.


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