Stay Warm This Fall and Winter with James Hardie Insulated Lap Siding and Trim

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James Hardie Insulated Lap Siding

With James Hardie insulated lap siding and trim, your family can stay warm this winter and you can save money on your utility bills!

There’s a lot to worry about when the weather starts to turn and you begin preparing your home for the cooler temperatures. If your home is not adequately sealed from the outside, your energy bills could end up skyrocketing during the winter. For some homeowners, however, even sealing doors and windows is not enough to keep their HVAC system from working overtime when it gets cold. If your home’s siding is not up to the task of keeping your family warm this winter, new James Hardie insulated lap siding and trim may be just what you need.

Making Your Home More Comfortable Year-Round

James Hardie insulated lap siding and trim deliver superior results in making the environment of your home more comfortable during every season. This siding is backed with foam insulation to keep your home cool during the summer and warm during the winter, making your home more energy efficient and conserving environmental resources. In addition, James Hardie insulated lap siding and trim saves you money on your utility bills year-round, meaning the investment pays for itself in the long-term!

A Higher R-Value

James Hardie insulated lap siding and trim features an R-value much higher than most siding on the market today. This value measures the ability of a given material to slow down the transfer of heat. While most siding on the market has an R-value of less than 1, James Hardie insulated lap siding and trim measures in at R-3. The secret lies in the insulation materials, which uses microscopic pockets of trapped air to resist the transfer of heat.

Your Sanctuary from the Noisy Outside World

James Hardie insulated lap siding and trim does more than simply keep your home at a comfortable temperature, however. This siding also creates a sound barrier between the exterior and interior of your home, reducing the amount of noise that trickles in.

Built to Last

Lap siding from James Hardie is built to withstand years of outdoor abuse. The panels and boards are specially designed to be resistant to shrinking, cracking, and swelling – making this type of siding easier to maintain over the years.   Hope you liked the post. Need a need a free estimate from an affordable siding and home remodeling expert in New Jersey?

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