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Affordable NJ Siding Pro vs. Cheap Services

NJ affordable vinyl siding contractors in New Jersey and a cheap exterior veneer siding services are two different animals.  With prices going up it’s difficult finding a deal but they’re around.  We want to educate you on affordability not cheap vinyl siding contractors.  There’s a big difference.

An affordable contractor is looking out for their customer’s wallet and is trying to give them a good deal.  Their business is not based on the bottom line.  Although, every business wants to make a profit, there is a difference between being a successful business person and gouging people’s money.

NJ Affordable Vinyl Siding Contractor Services

An affordable vinyl siding contractor doesn’t sweat the small things and doesn’t have to go through a hierarchy of people to get you a savings.   I used to be siding salesman for a large corporation and I would have to go through hoops to get a home owner a savings.

Exterior vinyl veneers installation siding companies in nj

I’m not trying to knock down large corporate siding companies

I’m sure there are many conscience driven companies wanting to give homeowners a break.  They want to make a difference in the world.  Recently, I read of a company who gives a portion of their profit to third world countries for construction.  There’s nothing wrong making a buck and helping people, it’s good business.

I’m just saying do your research because many large corporate “Green” home remodeling companies charging an arm and leg.

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Cheap vinyl siding contractors in New Jersey

You know the old saying, you get what you pay for.   First, let’s get one thing straight, our website says,  NJDiscountVinylSiding.com.  It doesn’t say NJCheapVinylSiding.com, so if you’re looking for cheap NJ siding contractors, please don’t call us.

You can pull over any guy with a truck and equipment on his van and ask him to give you an estimate for foam backed vinyl siding.  He’ll gladly go to your house and give you a cheap siding estimate and if something goes wrong, good luck.

We can’t do that because we stand behind our work but most importantly, you know where we live.   Therefore, we have to provide quality and affordable cedar shake vinyl siding. 

Check out 7 pitfalls of siding contractors to know some tactics cheap siders use.


how to install vinyl dutchlap certainteed siding from alside nj

Affordable Siding Services in NJ and Alternative options

Your taking chances with Cheapy Pete

Cheapy Pete, that’s just a name we used to call a cheap guy named Pete.   Gosh was he cheap.  Anyway, I’m sure you read the cons of cheap hacks causing havoc in the home remodeling world so  affordable old wood cedar shake siding contractors in northern njbe careful.

You think you’re getting a good deal but are you getting what your paying for?

One thing about contractors who give cheap vinyl siding estimates, they always cut corners and won’t go the extra mile for you.

Many times their grumbling to themselves because they’re not getting enough money.

I know they signed the contract and are now liable to complete the work.  However, one thing is certain in construction, there are a lot of bad estimates for vinyl siding material prices.

Affordable Siding NJ and Home Remodeling Contractors


Affordable vinyl siding contractors are good and hiring a cheap vinyl siding contractor is like playing Russian roulette.

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